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Substrate Jars, Mushroom Grow Bags, Substrate Bags, LC

Learn about mushroom cultivation with our substrate products. You should have a basic understanding of the processes involved before ordering these items. All of our substrate jars and mushroom grow bags are pre-sterlized and ready for use. All our products are guaranteed for viability and safe delivery. If you need help on using these items please watch the mycology videos available here, or visit the shroomtalk forums and ask there.

- Organic PF Style Half Pint Substrate Jars

- Rye Grain Substrate Jars

- Rye Grain Mushroom Grow Bags

- Mushbox Equine Manure Bags

NEW - Mushbox Liquid Culture Jars

- Corn based substrate bag

- Mushroom Kits

- Mycology Supplies

- Compost Substrate Bags

- WBS Substrate Bags ( bird seed )

Pre-sterlized, rye grain jars - specs & details click here

rye grain half gallon jar

High quality, 100% sterilized and ready to inject with the spores of your choice. If used with spores from a reliable vendor these jars are guaranteed to produce strong, healthy mycelium every time.

For bulk deals, pictures &
information about Rye Grain Jars
please CLICK HERE <

Pre-sterlized, half pint, substrate jars - specs & details click here
half pint substrate jars ready to inject

Our half pint, pre-sterilized substrate jars are made with care and precision and using the only most natural and organic ingredients. Our substrate jars are pre-sterilized and carefully packaged for shipping so that you only have to open and inoculate with the spores or culture of your choice. These substrate jars will work with most any spore or culture.

For bulk deals, pictures &
information about Substrate Jars
please CLICK HERE <

Mushroom Grow Bags for growing mushrooms - specs & details

mushroom grow bag

These pre sterilized rye bags are perfect for starting spawn for any grain loving mushroom. The bag contains 3 pounds of pre sterile rye grain berries.

For bulk deals, pictures &
information about Rye Grain Bags
please CLICK HERE <

Wild Bird Seed Bags for growing mushrooms - specs & details

Wood Substrate Bag

A favorite among mushroom growers due to its small grains that create many inocluation points. This allows mycelium to colonize much faster and also makes it easy to break apart when mixing with a larger casing.

For bulk deals, pictures &
information about Bird Seed Bags
please CLICK HERE <

Corn Substrate Bags for growing mushrooms - specs & details

Corn Substrate Bag

An alternate grain to Rye Berries with larger surface area for faster colonization.

For bulk deals, pictures &
information about Corn Substrate Bags
please CLICK HERE <

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