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All of our mushroom growing products and mycology supplies

Mushroom kits & Growing Systems - click here

Learn to grow mushrooms from home with our easy to use mushroom growing systems. Our mushroom kits have proven results and all parts are guaranteed for safe delivery.

- The Mycozone Eco-System

- The Mushroom Casing Kit

- The Myco-101 Starter Kit

- The Self-Automated Mushroom System

- The Mycodome 3-in-1 Mycology Kit

- All American Pressure Cookers

- Mycodome Fruiting Chamber

- The Humiditube Enviroment Control

Substrate Jars, Mushroom Grow Bags, Straw, and Soil - click here

A variety of pre-sterilized goods that are ready to inoculate upon arrival, no need for a pressure cooker or any other extra equipment. All you need is a spore syringe and your good to go.

- Organic PF Style Half Pint Substrate Jars

- Rye Grain Substrate Jars

- Rye Grain Mushroom Grow Bags

- Wild Bird Seed Mushroom Bags

- Corn Based Mushroom Bags

- Compost Based Mushroom Bags

- Shredded Straw for Casing

- Casing Soil Mixture

- Casing Starter


- Mushbox LC Liquid Culture Jars

- Liquid Culture Lid with Whatman Filter

Basic Components To Create your own Mushroom Grow System

Here you can mix and match your own selection of products to create a custom mushroom growing system for your needs. Each part has its own uses and you can pick and choose depending on your knowledge and the existing components you may already have.

- Mushbucket Humidity Control System

- Tropic Air Humidifier

- Air Pump Unit

- Submersible Heaters

- Digital Thermometer

- Myco-System Combo Pack

- All American Pressure Cookers & Sterilizers

- Perlite Humidity Control

- L.E.C.A.

- Quickdry

- The Humiditube

- The Mushbox beginners AGAR kit

Expand your knowledge with Mushroom Grow Books and other literature

Mushroom Books - Mushroom Videos - Mushroom Growing Video

The more you know the more you can grow! If you are a beginner or even an advanced grower you can always use a good source of information to check facts or procedures. Its also good to use the internet forums to keep up to date with new techniques and ideas, there is always new discoveries in the world of mycology.

- Mycelium Running

- The Mushroom Cultivator

Spores101 mushroom spore syringes and spore prints - click here

Spores101 is not and no orders from Spores101 can be combined with an order from Spores and Kits / Supplies are shipped separately from different companies.

- Edible mushroom species available in culture syringe.

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The Mycozone

Casing Kit

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