mushroom kits, mycology supplies, pressure cookers and substrates. Everything you need for growing mushrooms except the spores.

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Grow your own MASSIVE mushrooms from home
mushroom growing kits
make it easy to grow almost any kind of mushroom
Substrates & Grow Medium
growing bags and substrate jars to start your experiment
Mycology Equip. & Supplies
agar on petri plates and liquid culture right from the lab
Custom build your own
create your own mushroom grow system from this equipment
Pressure Cookers & Sterilizers
all american high quality pressure cookers & sterilizers

Growing mushrooms requires basic knowledge

It is always important to spend time learning about a hobby you are interested in.
That includes mushroom growing and mycology, if you want to succeed in this hobby
you need to read articles, forums and practice the knowledge to gain real life experience.

Checkout the articles we have prepared below, this information should give you
a simple base to start from and help you get growing the friendly fungi.
You should also consider a friendly mushroom forum like


Mushroom spores in Spore print or Spore Syringe

Mushroom growing articles

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